Sunday, March 13, 2011

2011 Pre-Season Worries

What Me Worry?

DC's season is about to begin and, like last year, I thought I would make a list of things that are losing me sleep at night and giving me ulcers.
  • A bunch of young players who have never played together play like a bunch of young players who have never played together.
  • Charlie Davies isn't fully recovered and won't fully recover.
  • This might be United's last season in DC.
  • Players like Morsink, Ngwenya, and Brettschneider who have been on-form in pre-season lose that form.
  • Bumblebees.
  • The "competition at every position" unsettles some players.
  • Bill Hamid is athletically gifted, but unable to make himself into a keeper.
  • Coach Olsen equates "heart" with "talent" because he had both, but not all his players do.
  • I run out of money and miss a lot of games this season.
  • Losing at the beginning of the season becomes a habit again.
  • Pontius' form last year was a reflection of his abilities and not his injuries.
  • I can't find a way out of my dead-end job.
  • Injuries, particularly in defense.
  • Najar stagnates or succumbs to the pressure and regresses.
  • Unknown unknowns.
  • Key rookies can't hack it in the big leagues.
  • The new general admission policy in the Nest turns it into Barra-lite.
  • Speaking at my brother's wedding.
  • Losing players for the Gold Cup.
  • Simms and Morsink just aren't good enough anymore for MLS.
  • Where did this red spot come from? Is it cancerous?
That's all I've got for now. I haven't looked back to see how valid my concerns were last year. I know some were way off (Wallace and Pontius being too good to stay in MLS) and some were unfortunately prescient (Moreno good enough to play, but not good enough to be useful). We'll see how it goes this year.

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